Merridale will be showing a range of pump dispensers, stock control, security and supervisory solutions.

New developments for the coach and bus industry include an innovative vehicle communication datalink. Designed to speed depot fuelling, this snap-on and quick release device enables the fuelling point to automatically authenticate the vehicle and its ‘Odo’ mileage reading.

On the software side Merridale will be showcasing its web-based solution FuelWorKs which offers fleet administrators a dashboard ‘overview’ of their stock management status in a simple graphical presentation.

Real time reporting

By using Internet connectivity, Merridale can offer either a standard web based, or a real time fuel management reporting package. The advantage of ‘real time’ reporting is that the system is continuously updating the FuelWorks database – without having to initiate a data download to access the update the records.

The Merridale system also provides an-going backup against the possibility of any failure of the GPRS communications link. As the updates are processed, the system can verify that all transactions have been logged by the server. So there is no chance either of data going missing, or the fuelling process being held up while waiting for the data link to be re-established.

Transactions are authenticated by using programmable read/write data tags or keys that define access conditions for each operator. As well as facilitating self-serve operation, this precaution makes it virtually impossible for the system to be abused or corrupted in any way.

[box type=”info”]2 – 3 October, NEC Birmingham Stand 0110[/box]