Merridale will be highlighting its FuelWorks web-based Fuel Management Service at the forthcoming Euro Bus Expo. On the hardware side there are two important developments to help simplify the process. Vehicles can be identified at the pump by using a vLink cable and mileage data can now be collected automatically.

The Merridale vehicle mounted wireless transducer communicates directly with the fuelling point to read the odometer. An alternative method links to the operator’s fleet telematics server to obtain the distance travelled information.

“An important advantage of using the Merridale web based fuel management system is that Merridale will be committed to the on-going operational reliability of the client’s depot monitoring system”, says sales director, Stephen Hannan. Adding: “It is a long term partnership with mutual interests. From the start, Merridale will provide online training, help set up the client’s database and configure the operational reporting requirements.”

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