Merridale’s commercial fuelling technology is being used to dispense fuel into racing cars. This new application has been developed by the company’s Netherlands distributor, Voets Installates for Creventic, the Dutch agency which has taken over running the annual 24H SERIES events and the Touring Car Endurance Series (TCES). Both series are sponsored by Hankook, a Korean global corporation, marketing tyres for all types of vehicles from cars to SUVs, buses, light and heavy goods.

Merridale® Fuel Management

Voets was commissioned to provide Creventic with trackside fuelling facilities based on portable petrol pumps using a road tanker supply vehicle. The pump is a bespoke system which uses a Merridale fuel management unit and hand held proximity data tags, enabling the software to identify each vehicle at the pump.

In operation, the team managers can control the amount of fuel dispensed and optimise this according to race parameters. This speeds the fuelling turnaround, ensuring also that the cars are taking on just sufficient fuel needed to complete the race.

Merridale® Fuel Management

At the Hankook 24 hours event held at Silverstone in April, Merridale technical director, John Russell met with Creventic operations staff, Ole Dorlemann, to discuss further refinements to the software functionality.

As John explains. “They wanted a means of using the data tags to display the fuel allowance on the system to allow closer scrutiny by the race marshals. This modification has been incorporated and the equipment is now providing a comprehensive solution to meet their requirements.”