Merridale channeling Jersey’s fuel management needs

Jersey may only be 14 miles from France, but the Channel Islands’ leading commercial fuel management company has gone for an English solution to supply their pumps and monitoring systems. Since Ian Blandin, Sales and Engineering Manager of Forecourt Services in St Helier chose Merridale fuel monitoring products, he has seen his business go from strength-to-strength, and has become regional distributor.

Forecourt Services have been trading for eleven years. Its association with Merridale began when their previous supplier had financial problems and an important new business opportunity arose.

The new relationship spawned a novel solution to the rust problem that plagues the Channel Islands, caused by their size and proximity to the sea. “Merridale were great, they made the pedestal and Auditor GX (fuel management system) in stainless steel and that solved all of our problems, and the cost was not a lot more than the standard equipment”, explains Ian.

[quote]We are grateful to Merridale for all the commitment they have shown us.[/quote]

Forecourt Services has also installed several combined fuel pump monitors with new customers in the Channel Islands. These are a complete fuel dispensing solution incorporating specially coded keys that allow authorised drivers to fill up without the fear of fraud or theft.

Ian is also pleased with the other advantages that the collaboration with Merridale has brought. “I think the reliability of their systems is great. If any problems occur and we need next day delivery of spare parts, it happens. The inclusion of twenty-four hour emergency service cover in contracts also makes our lives easier as a service provider,” says Ian. “The Merridale support is second to none, especially from the office staff who deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.”

As Jersey covers only 45 square miles, there is limited scope for expansion, but Merridale have helped Forecourt Services maximize their potential, by supplying innovative fuel management solutions such as resale monitors.

Ian has also worked on competitive pricing structures with Merridale, resulting in competitive advantage when bidding for fleet contracts. “Guernsey is a less saturated market, and that’s where the real potential for growth lies for now,” adds Ian. Forecourt Services also sells and installs under and above ground storage tanks, pipework, fuel pumps, jet washers, vacuum cleaners, point-of-sale systems and other garage equipment.

When asked what other innovations have made life easier and more profitable, Ian responds “We have also installed a lot of tank gauges and are linking these to the GX unit. The FuelFX software is very user-friendly and it makes reconciliation very easy to carry out.”

All of this makes for a highly harmonious relationship between Merridale and their Channel Island partner. “I don’t think our relationship can get any stronger. I have become close friends with their team. We
always look forward to their visits and enjoy taking time out to sample the delights of the region.”