Merridale will be introducing its MX series of ATEX certified diesel pumps and associated fuel management equipment at the forthcoming Commercial Vehicle Show. On display will be the new MX-I Integral pump/fuel management unit and a standalone MX–P diesel pump. Visually, the new range features completely redesigned enclosures, fabricated in high gauge stainless steel for optimum rigidity and longevity.

“A priority for the new design was to retain the Merridale brand ethos for being rugged and tough,” says sales director, Stephen Hannan.

As a process of introduction over the next few months the MX series will soon include new versions of all existing pumps, tank and fuel management systems. We are also planning the introduction of an adblue range of pumps and dispensers in the not too distant future.

The new enclosures are smaller, enabling greater flexibility in the layout of multi-product fuelling points. The design concept is based on the use of a common frame, thereby reducing the need for model variants. Compact specials are no longer necessary and future requirements for a twin pump installation can be fulfilled by simply re-orientating two single MX units.

Under the covers, Merridale retains the emphasis on quality components to ensure uncompromised reliability. Several developments have been introduced in the equipment electronics. These include an upgrade to the pump display board to permit electronic calibration and external totaliser.

The display now toggles between the current transaction, and the amount of fuel drawn since the pump was originally installed.

This development also paves the way for continuing the development of the fuel management system. Merridale is exploring the use of serial as well as pulsed communication feeds. Now common on retail forecourts, a serial link is a simplified solution which potentially can lead to reducing costs and further enhancing the overall resilience of the system.

Stephen Hannan concludes. “We are taking advantage of all the benefits of latest technology, whilst still retaining Merridale’s reputation of high quality components and build quality. This is underwritten by Merridale’s comprehensive on-site warranty with national aftersales support.”

All Merridale depot fuelling equipment is compliant with the latest DSEAR regulations and these new developments will allow seamless integration with existing Merridale installations. Merridale is also continuing to develop FuelWorks – a comprehensive web based fuel management reports service which has been implemented across a broad customer base covering commercial road transport, local authorities and emergency services.