Building on the success of the Merridale FuelWorks web-based fuel management solution, MIS Fuel Monitoring has introduced automatic dissemination of alerts and reports. This development reduces administration workload by enabling users to receive scheduled reports and operational alerts automatically by email.

The advantages have been demonstrated by a recent implementation for Palmer &Harvey – the UK’s largest delivered wholesaler with an annual fleet fuel consumption of some 10 million litres. The purpose of the project was to re-invest and centralise fuel management across Palmer & Harvey’s network of regional depots.

Twelve sites were reviewed and updated to standardise all fuelling onto Merridale Auditor fuel management systems, together with Merridale tank management systems and communicating to Merridale FuelWorks for web-based reporting.

One of the most important criteria for Palmer & Harvey was to simplify users immediate access to up-to-date meaningful data. FuelWorks has provided a secure means for accessing information via any standard web browser and of receiving automated reports without the need for any specialist computer hardware, software or training. As a result, the Palmer & Harvey project has not only met its immediate requirement to centralise the group’s fuel management, but it has also reduced significantly the administrative overhead.

Instant access enables operational criteria to be analysed and utilised directly to help drive down fuel usage inefficiencies

Training has also been simplified and can now be delivered over the phone and online. Under guidance from the Merridale ‘Help Desk’, the Palmer & Harvey finance department were able to set up the delivery of vehicle fuel usage reports for each of the depot managers and other key personnel.

Reports are produced automatically, without the need for any further intervention and distributed internally by e-mail, as required on a routine basis. For procurement and stock management, the service dashboard shows storage tank statuses for each of the depots with facilities to set re-order levels.”

Stephen Hannan continues: “Since the Merridale FuelWorks platform is common to all users, any system improvements are harmonised so all of our customers are always on the latest generation. This means that users of Merridale FuelWorks can receive all the benefits and developments instigated by customer feedback automatically and without additional cost.