“Most long-term users of Merridale depot refuelling equipment will testify that the company’s after sales support has always been one of its strengths,” claims sales director, Stephen Hannan.

“Clearly the integrity of the process hinges on the accuracy and reliability of the equipment – not only for the fuel management systems and dispensers but also for stock management. Having a precise figure for the fuel stock balance, as well as being able to reconcile this against new supplies and fuel drawn, is paramount to the effective running of the system as a total package.”

Stephen Hannan continues. “With the advent of cloud-based reporting, Merridale has taken responsibility for collecting all of the depot fuelling data, transactions and stock balances for analysis thus enabling customers to generate and distribute the type of reports they need and the frequency of creation.

“This means we have an on-going commercial relationship with the customer and by definition an interest in the accuracy and reliability of the client’s fuelling equipment.”

“The latest update within the Merridale FuelWorks system includes a facility to remind users when the fuel management control unit and fuel pumps need to be serviced and calibrated. This feature is displayed on the client’s browser dashboard screen. It can also be set to deliver an e-mail alert to designated personnel.”

Merridale has also increased and strengthened its service and support team to keep abreast of the growth in users.

“Expansion of the field force ensures we can deliver nationwide cover,” says Stephen Hannan, adding. “Merridale is proud of its track record for speedy response levels. Our philosophy of this service is to attend quickly, diagnose correctly and repair immediately.

“To achieve this, we ensure all our field service personnel carry all the necessary technical knowledge to diagnose problems quickly and have available all spares needed to rectify any issues.”

For operational software and service issues, Merridale also provides a telephone help desk to deal with any questions from Merridale customers as well as a service desk to direct field support to where it is needed. 

Whilst service technicians are available to respond in the event of any equipment malfunction, many Merridale FuelWorks customers take advantage of the company’s planned maintenance scheme with scheduled site visits for routine service and calibration.  more easily focus their administration resources on driving down their fuel expenditure.