ATEX CertifiedMerridale has taken steps to obtain certification of its depot fuel dispensing equipment in order to comply with the latest technical standards.  This follows the recent reclassification of flammable products, which brings diesel fuel into the scope of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations. (DSEAR).

In effect fleet depot fuelling facilities are now subject to ATEX conformity standards. The site operators have ultimate responsibility for ensuring that their facilities meet all the necessary requirements. Accidents do happen and there could be serious implications for those who are found to be in default, as this may leave them exposed to potential risk of prosecution and financial loss.

Fleet operators proposing to install Merridale fuel pumps and Merridale integral units (with fuel management) should not be concerned, as these are already compliant with the new specification.  A low cost upgrade is available to bring any existing Merridale installations in line with the latest requirements.