Merridale will be celebrating its 20th anniversary during 2014. Over the forthcoming editions we are planning to review the company’s time line and its contribution to the evolution of commercial fuelling equipment – looking at both hardware and software development.

Merridale has always been a front runner and we are proud to say that today – the brand name has become associated with first class product quality backed up by truly effective after sales support.

Over two decades Merridale has jockeyed for market share with a couple of rival manufacturers. We have seen new entries offering a new twist, or the latest ‘must have’ features. Some of these have stayed the course, while others have fallen by the wayside. Throughout this time however, Merridale has remained true to its principle ethos. Robust build standards, quality materials and functional software.

From the start users were assured that they were investing in Merridale equipment and systems that were not only fit-for-purpose, but also would remain supported and compatible with future developments.

It has been this long term commitment that distinguished the Merridale brand. And we have defended our reputation by sticking to our promise that Merridale systems would never become written off as “legacy equipment” unworthy of further support, in an effort to sell existing customers a ‘new’ generation.

This policy of “no obsolescence” together with the ability to upgrade even the oldest systems has led to a loyal customer base of users who were and remain confident that their initial investment has on-going full life protection.

The next few issues will expand upon some of the company’s history and reasons why Merridale systems have become the brand name to be trusted.