New developments from fuel management specialist, MIS Fuel Monitoring include the introduction of Scheduled Reporting for its web-based solution, Merridale FuelWorks.

This facility allows fleet managers to set up the automatic delivery of vehicle fuel usage reports by e-mail and without any further intervention.

Currently FuelWorks supports multiple user profiles. Each of these can be used to access user-specific online reporting.  The significance of this enhancement is the facility to send out the user reports automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

[quote]The Merridale system really offers the fleet operator the best of both options for reporting. All designated staff can now automatically receive emailed reports and alerts of the type and frequency they demand as well as the ability to visit the web site as frequently as they wish and extract up to the minute data.[/quote]

“Those needing to receive reports will do so automatically without the need to access the software to request them,” explains sales director Stephen Hannan. “As well as improving usability this delivers significant time savings, training and operational advantages.”

“Furthermore the Merridale web-based service can issue e mails alerts for various alarm status’ such as low stock. And all these features are covered by the standard, highly competitive subscription cost,” he added.

“This latest development distinguishes the Merridale web service from its main competitors’ offering in which the emphasis is on access to web-based reporting only. This method requires a gateway to access and then manipulate the desired reports to be downloaded.

“On other so called ‘web-based’ services, the information is provided as published ‘fixed’ reports on a set timescale, without the up-to-date access being available. Although these fixed reports are viewable on access to a gateway, it requires a stretch of imagination to present them as on-line services.

“Merridale FuelWorks provides two complementary facilities within the service capability.  In addition to viewing the up-to-date information online, users can also set up scheduled reports to be delivered as an email.”

It’s the reports that add value

The Merridale system records vehicle fuel usage and this data can be correlated with distance travelled to provide accurate figures of mpg fuel economy. Further analysis will highlight anomalies and provide a greater insight into CO2 emissions and operating costs.”

Essentially the transaction side of the fuelling point provides the security, ensuring that vehicles drawing fuel are properly authenticated. But it is the reports that add value.

Reports can be created showing league tables for the worst performing vehicles or drivers; fuel used by department or cost allocation and the overall performance of the fleet.

Data from the fuelling point is analysed and turned into useful information that will help reduce costs and make better informed decisions about fleet efficiency.”