As-a-result of ever more stringent emissions regulations, another wet stock product – the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) additive – more commonly known as AdBlue – has become a standard requirement for commercial vehicle depot fuelling facilities.

“From initial installations, involving a separate storage and dispensing package, we are now seeing leading fleet operators wishing to access AdBlue adjacent to the diesel/gas oil fuelling points,” says sales director, Stephen Hannan.

Merridale has introduced the MX-P DEF for higher volume throughput installations.  Designed to be visually compatible with other systems from the Merridale MX range, the unit can be located either on an island forecourt layout, or as part of a self-contained multi-product tank package. Since the design is a common element within the MX range, the MX-P DEF unit can also be configured within a twin cabinet, coupled with either diesel or gas-oil fuel pumps for simultaneous operation. 

For ‘pump’ applications, the unit delivers the product at approximately 35 LPM with an accuracy of +/-0.5%. Merridale can also supply dispenser versions for installations where the product is pushed out from the storage tank, under pressure from a remote or submersible pump. All Merridale units are supplied with integral filters, specialist delivery hoses and stainless-steel automatic cut off nozzles as standard.

The fully stainless-steel construction with features such as an illuminated display of the delivery values and a totaliser function, make the Merridale unit a market leader for specification. Another distinguishing feature is the ability to interface the unit with a separate Merridale fuel management system. Alternatively, the unit  can also be supplied with a built in Merridale fuel management system, where the need dictates.