A growing number of fleet operators are choosing the Merridale vLink system as the primary method for vehicle authentication. Orders are now being processed to retrofit the vLink reader head and cable to existing depot fuelling points, as well as for new installations. 

The vLink system consists of a highly robust vLink reader unit on an umbilical communication cable which reads the vehicle ID from a vLink device attached to the vehicle. As an alternative to individual proximity data tags (hand held fobs), it offers a robust option for use with purpose built vehicles, for dirty industrial environments or simply where drivers have a tendency to swap or misplace the hand held devices such as keys or tags.

By identifying the vehicle at the fuelling point, the system can be programmed to enforce the use of the correct fuel type and identify any additional service requirements such as gas-oil for refrigerators or auxiliary power units. Where vLink devices cannot be fitted for example with temporary vehicles or with fleet cars the system can also be used in conjunction with hand held data tags.

The vLink system has been designed to be used with all current mileage input methods; either traditional verified manual odometer input or automatic odometer input via Merridale vehicle mounted wireless transducers. It can also be used with systems where mileage can be recovered online by Merridale’s FuelWorks web-based reporting service, via API transfer from the user’s telematics or tracking system providers.

The vLink system is compatible with Merridale’s FuelFX Client based software or with Merridale’s advanced and hosted FuelWorks web based platform.