FuelWorks is the latest in the Merridale range of fuel management solutions from MIS Fuel Monitoring of Wolverhampton.
This is a web-based application offering the ultimate flexibility in accessing data from geographically dispersed fuelling facilities.

“Fuelling data can now be shared by multiple users, from any location and at any time of the day,“ explains Merridale technical director, Paul Ledbury.

[quote]Without question, fuel usage has become a crucial on-cost for any organisation running large fleets of vehicles today. Up to the minute reports are now essential for operating effectively within such a competitive environment.[/quote]

“As the scope of fuel management software has widened, we have worked with our customers through a logical progression from single fuelling points to corporate networks and centralised management.”

Merridale FuelWorks§Merridale FuelWorks is a scalable solution with comprehensive reporting functionality designed to support larger enterprises with multiple fleet depots. Typically these will have a requirement to share current operational data across the board for fleet management, procurement, cost accounting and contracts administration.

The software can be installed as a stand-alone application, as a portal to local users on an office network. Similarly for remote sites, it can provide the link to a corporate wide-area network, allowing access for any authorised user over the Internet.

According to Paul Ledbury, a clear differentiation between FuelWorks and other Internet based offers is that Merridale customers can choose to host the software themselves – within their own IT infrastructure.

“Alternatively, FuelWorks can be hosted by Merridale, and delivered as a fuel management service, thereby eliminating any need for specialist IT skills.”

“Either way, FuelWorks is supplied as an on demand, subscription based solution. There is no need for any expensive hardware and the software is easy to deploy and it will be updated automatically as development continues.”