As a supplier of fuel dispensing systems, MIS Fuel Monitoring is often asked about the need for ‘resale’ or Trading Standards requirements. For some, in particular in respect of local authorities, this issue arises within their tender documents where the subject of recharging for fuel is identified  For others the subject of charging partner companies, staff or contractors is indicated.

Generally such transactions are defined by raising a VAT sales invoice. However, judging from some of the conversations we have had, fuel is sometimes provided to specific parties under mutually agreed and audited figures based on a service calibration.

For instance in the agriculture sector, contractors may bring machines onto the farm premises, and the cost of fuel is taken into account against the services provided by the contractor.

The rules are clear:

Firstly – any fuel pump that is used to dispense the fuel should be certified for resale purposes. This is supervised by the local Trading Standards office and the equipment must have seals applied to verify accuracy of measure.

Secondly – any fuel management system used to capture fuelling data which will be  utilised to produce an invoice, must also be certified for that use and have Trading Standards seals applied.

Finally, any fuel pump and fuel management system used for this purpose should have a joint certification, for approved use with each other.

This is the Law and local intercompany arrangements are not accepted. If any fleet operators are in any doubt you are advised to contact your local Trading Standards officer, who has the final say in this matter.

Fully approved Merridale ‘resale’ approved systems are not much more expensive to purchase than standard ‘commercial’ systems. Like most things in life however should your equipment be found to be non-compliant, then your organisation could be exposed to potential disruption and unnecessary costs as a result. You have been warned. Trading Standards are now very active in this area.