Nationwide construction hauliers, Gordons Transport, has upgraded its depot fuelling facilities to support its growing fleet requirements. The investment includes a new Merridale Auditor twin hose commercial pump, providing both high (90l/m) and standard (70l/m) flow rates for HGVs and vans. For fuel management, all stock transactions, including gas-oil for the fork lift trucks, and AdBlue have been brought together under a single web-based platform.

The pump has been installed onto a relocated fuelling point which also includes a separate AdBlue dispenser. Drivers access fuel by using a datatag which identifies the vehicle. Fuel management has been switched over to the Merridale FuelWorks service. This is being used in conjunction with a Merridale tank management system, providing online status and fuel usage reports. Since this is online, the system will warn of any sudden drop in fuel levels – an additional security feature.

Gordons specialises in transport for the construction industry. This includes tower cranes, insulated building panels and modular buildings, all of which have to be transported by flat-bed trailers. Although based in Yorkshire, much of the company’s work is in the London area.

“Keeping accurate records of our transport fleet fuel consumption has become a crucial operational requirement,” explains managing director, Jonathan Atkinson.

“Our fleet consumes around one million litres of diesel a year. It pays therefore to implement effective management procedures. Apart from cost accounting, our efficiency performance has a direct impact on our fleet’s carbon footprint. By using Merridale reports we can show that we have achieved target reductions over set periods of time. For this is an on-going process of continuous improvement, covering vehicle servicing, route planning and good driving practice.

“Such measures are necessary to obtain accreditation under the FORS (fleet operators’ recognition scheme). Next to safety, fleet efficiency is an essential standard for operations within the major conurbations and in particular, Greater London.”

Gordons Transport has used Merridale fuel management software for over 15 years. The switch over to the Merridale FuelWorks web based fuel management service has been seamless,” says Jonathan Atkinson.

“As far as the drivers are concerned the only difference is that we are now using datatags to identify the vehicle being fuelled.”