Due to the hard work and dedication of the Merridale team and the quality and reliability of the products, the company completes another successful year with growth continuing to surpass expectations. Moreover, the company has also marked 2017 with the announcement that it is now formerly registered as Merridale Ltd. – thereby removing any confusion caused by its former listing as MIS Fuel Monitoring Ltd.

On the financial side, business turnover and profitability is up by almost 10 percent over the previous year.

Merridale is continuing to demonstrate its position as a leading supplier of depot fuel management systems. This is evident as existing users remain loyal and upgrade and renew with Merridale equipment. A significant amount of turnover also comes from customers converting from other brands, as installations are being replaced or updated. 

A proportion of these sales are to growing fleet operators which have implemented new depot fuelling to achieve better efficiency. The order book covers a diverse range of requirements, including self-contained tank package solutions. These come in all sizes from 5000 litres single product, to triple compartment tanks providing 130K litres storage capacity or greater if needed.

Fleet operators also want better after-sales service support. There has been an increase in the number of customers entering into extended warranties for Merridale equipment, designed to guarantee the best possible system performance at a fixed price.

Finally, there has been the significant number of new and existing Merridale users who have made the switch to the FuelWorks web based reporting service. This is a significant evolution in fuel management, enabling the fleet operators to more easily focus their administration resources on driving down their fuel expenditure.