For the last 40 years, Plant Installations Coventry (PIC), has been providing installation, removal and re-location services to companies across a variety of industries and sectors. After working in the same industry for a number of years, the original owner of PIC made the decision to use his industry knowledge and ‘go it alone’.

PIC approached Merridale, along with two other companies, with the request of a quotation for a new EA compliant 10,000 litre capacity storage tank. The tank was to be stored inside their warehouse, due to continued theft from the outdoor tank/s. Upon receipt of the three quotations, PIC chose to work with Merridale, a company they were more than familiar with having previously worked together for 15 years and after providing the best and most competitive quotation.

Kerry at Plant Installations, Coventry had this to say about the impending project, “we have always had a good working relationship with Merridale, so we were confident that they would provide us with an easy to use solution and very good aftersales service. They are always helpful.”.

The Solution

Merridale solution prevents persistent fuel theftThe project itself involved Merridale not only providing the tank itself, but also overcoming the challenge of fitting the tank inside the PIC building, with the fuelling point being accessible from the outside.

The team at Merridale worked tirelessly on designing a solution, that was met with approval by PIC. After the storage tank had been placed inside the warehouse, work began on extending the pipework through the wall, with a new Merridale ATEX certified pump being fitted outside of the workshop, in order for vehicles to access the tank and refuel. Whilst working on site, the team then upgraded and repositioned PIC’s existing Merridale fuel management system, supplied and fitted a new Merridale ATEX compliant tank management system and commissioned it.

The Result

Upon completion of the work carried out by Merridale, PIC was left with a vehicle fuelling system that was fit for purpose, as well as the ability to understand and utilise the known benefits of the Merridale fuel management system and softwares. Merridale were also able to bring the package up to the required standards needed, following the reclassification of diesel as ‘flammable’ from June 2016.

Once the project had been completed, Kerry at Plant Installations, Coventry was very happy with the work completed by the Merridale team, saying “We would definitely use Merridale again, their software is easy to use. They also have a good aftersales service, with any issues being resolved quickly and efficiently”.

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